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We believe every company should be a developer experience company. That’s why we’re working on a suite of tools, infrastructure, and services that empower developers to craft delightful experiences for their end users.

We love CLI tools. Providing user-friendly, robust, and reliable CLIs are central to offering a good developer experience, but often they are an afterthought that never gets prioritized.

Designing, building, releasing, and maintaining CLI tools should be as structured and hassle-free as pushing a web application to Heroku or Vercel, and we’ve raised money to build that future.

If you love developer tools and are eager to improve everyone’s developer experience, we hope you consider working with us!

👯‍♀️release with us!

We're a team of folks who have released a lot of different types of software with a lot of different processes, but every team and process is unique. We're excited to learn by partnering with a set of open source projects and companies who are building command line developer tools in Rust and/or JavaScript.

The deal is simple: we give you early access to our new and upcoming tools, you give us the cold hard truth (constructive feedback).

Interested? We'd love to hear from you.

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