Last-mile software delivery and analytics

Stop asking your users to bend over backwards to use your software. axodotdev's platform gives developers the utilities, infrastructure, and analytics, to connect your cloud and your users without the chaos.

It's 10pm. Are your installers working?

Just like in the physical world, last-mile delivery for your software supply chain is often the most complex and expensive component- especially if you are trying to do it yourself. Get back to focusing on your core product by trusting us to deliver your software safely and reliably to your users - whether they are on a shiny new Mac, an ancient Windows box, or "use Arch".

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Installation is your users' first experience; make sure it's awesome

Your installer is the frontdoor to your developer product- yet too often it's under-invested in. First-use experience has been repeatedly proven to drive retention and revenue—stop leaving that money on the table and deliver a first class experience via our platform.

Windows, Mac, Linux and more

Your users are on all the platforms, why aren't you? Our tools take the guesswork out of platform support.

Package Managers and Installers

Want to distribute Rust on npm? No problem. Need an MSI but don't know where to start? Expanding your distribution is as easy as checking a box.

Managed CI/CD

Your release process is too important to fail: publishing is a very public one-way door. Let us manage and optimize your CI scripts while you focus on your product.

Embeddable Installers

Stop asking your users if they are on x86_64 or aarch64. We can detect your users platform and suggest the best installers for them embedded directly into your marketing sites and documentation.

Release-aware Sites

Does your tool need a website? Our tools can generate (and host!) a great looking site for you, fully loaded with your tool's project metadata and release context.

Artifact and Workflow Hosting

Fully-managed and reliable infrastructure designed specifically for building, packaging, and distributing developer tools; either publicly or privately.

Our users say it best

At axodotdev, we are motivated, first and foremoest, to build software that people love to use. We're just getting started, but we're already blessed with some pretty amazing (and happy!) users.

Almost too good to be true

"Part of the delight with Rust for us has been its ability to generate cross-platform software without sacrificing performance and without external dependencies. That said, it left us with a thorny (if quotidian) problem: how do we automate the generation and release of binaries across multiple platforms? When Axo released cargo-dist it immediately caught our attention: reducing the toil to a single command sounded almost too good to be true. But when it came time to release our CLI, cargo-dist delivered, saving us from the tedium of generating binaries without inducing drag of its own. And as we started broadening OS support, the Axo team was responsive and collaborative; we would recommend them without hesitation!”

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Bryan Cantrill

Worth the switch

"When axodotdev approached us about integrating with cargo-dist, we were hesitant. Our current release process worked, and we weren't sure the effort was worth the possible distraction and disruption that often comes with a new system. But when we kepting running into issues coordinating release tasks in our homespun system, we realized something needed to change. Transitioning took almost no time at all, and it's been seamless ever since. If you are on the fence about switching out a legacy release process, we'd recommend you take the plunge and try out axodotdev; it's worth it!"

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Pekka Enberg
CTO at Turso

Obvious utility

"Axos tools: you didn't know you need them until you see them, but their utility and use is readily apparent.”

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Florian Gilcher
Managing Director at Ferrous Systems

Saved countless hours

" has solved one of the most painful and time consuming pieces of open source software -- building, packaging, and releasing. By using cargo-dist, we've saved countless hours not building a custom release pipeline, and instead spent these hours focused on our product."

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Miles Johnson
Founder at moonrepo

Changed the game

"Axo tooling has fundamentally changed the game in the professionalism of my projects and tools. They've saved me from the immense amount of time it takes to do this stuff manually. I’m a diehard fan now; can’t wait for what's coming next, because it’s been banger after banger."

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Kat Marchán
Maintainer at orogene
Devtools Engineer at Microsoft
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