release engineering

for the rest of us

stop cutting and pasting YAML and customizing static sites and get back to building great dev tools

📦package + distribute

Your devtool distribution strategy is artificially reducing your tool's target market. Ensure that developers can install your tool regardless of their platform or package manager preference. And please: stop asking your users to add things to their PATH.

📈measure + analyze

Your devtools are the frontdoor to your developer product, but your users' experience using them remains largely opaque. Gain privacy-preserving insights on ways to improve the experience and retention of your users- from install to publish.

🧭preview + discover

Improve your confidence in and collaboration on your tools with shareable previews and example project galleries. Enable your end users to discover how others use your tools and explore projects that others have built.

👯‍♀️release with us!

We're a team of folks who have released a lot of different types of software with a lot of different processes, but every team and process is unique. We're excited to learn by partnering with a set of open source projects and companies who are building command line developer tools in Rust and/or JavaScript.

The deal is simple: we give you early access to our new and upcoming tools, you give us the cold hard truth (constructive feedback).

Interested? We'd love to hear from you.

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