axodotdev is a small remote team with an extensive track record shipping beloved open source developer tools, documentation, and communities.

our mascot, >o_o< is an "ascii axolotl"- ascii for our love of terminal-based developer tooling, and axolotls, for the joy of sharing that real life pokemon exist .

Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams

Founder & CEO

Ashley is a former Rust Core team member, RustWasm WG lead, crates.io/infra team member and has built developer tooling at Cloudflare, Mozilla, npm, and Vercel. She was the Founding Executive Director of the Rust Foundation and served on the Board of Directors for the Node.js Foundation (now OpenJS).


Aria "Gankra" Beingessner


Gankra is a former Rust Library team member and the author of the Rustinomicon and Learning Rust With Entirely Too Many Linked Lists.

Misty De Méo

Misty De Méo

Founding Engineer

Misty has been a member of the Homebrew project for over a decade; she served on its both Project Leadership Committee and Technical Steering Committee. She's a former engineer at Shopify and GitHub.