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Great tools can get you far, you may need some extra support to hunt down bugs and set new standards within your codebase itself. That's why we offer services as a compliment to our platform to help you reliably deliver your software to the widest possible audience!

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Release hero

Fractional release team subscription to professionalize your distribution strategy

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Project-based services

Tightly scoped packages to level up your projects

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Meet the experts

Our team's experience is uniquely broad and deep across languages and ecosystems.

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"If you're building CLI tools, I'd strongly recommend it. cargo-dist is great, and the axodotdev team are just complete and utter domain experts."

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Charlie Marsh
Founder at Astral

Release Hero

Do you wish your release days were filled with more calm confident energy?

Accelerate, de-risk, and scale your release processes by embedding one of our engineers in your team for support on and around release days and all the end-user installation questions in-between.


Private, proactive, release-day support

Our experts will serve as a dedicated release manager- coordinating tasks, reviews, testing, and communication so your team can focus on your product.

End user issue triage and support

Our experts can chat directly with your users on your issue tracker or in your chat to troubleshoot distribution and packaging issues.

Strategy and experience analysis

Our experts will audit your current distribution strategy and installation and packaging experience for opportunities to grow and improve your user market.

Expert help that's nearly impossible to hire for

  • Dedicated engineer from the axo team of experts
  • Shared chat channel for private, on-demand support
  • 1 hour SLA on release days; 1 day SLA on normal days
  • Discounts on project-based services

Project-based services

Depending on your team and product's maturity, you may only need a little bit of hands-on help! Our project-based services are designed to give you that leg-up to start your journey to better portability and distribution.


Set up a release process for a new project.


Migrate an existing release process to use axo's toolchain.

New target

Expand your existing project's distribution strategy with support for a new platform or installer.

Experience audit

Discover issues with your distribution strategy and get recommendations to improve it.

Projects are priced with a flat fee using a sliding scale based on your organization's details and your project's complexity. Payment schedules are negotiable.

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  • All default platforms and installers
  • 3mos FREE Release Hero support
  • Discounted rate for additional or follow-on services
Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams

Founder & CEO

Ashley is a former Rust Core team member, RustWasm WG lead, team member and has built developer tooling at Cloudflare, Mozilla, npm, and Vercel. She was the Founding Executive Director of the Rust Foundation and served on the Board of Directors for the Node.js Foundation (now OpenJS).


Aria "Gankra" Beingessner


Gankra is a former Rust Library team member and the author of the Rustinomicon and Learning Rust With Entirely Too Many Linked Lists.

Misty De Méo

Misty De Méo

Founding Engineer

Misty has been a member of the Homebrew project for over a decade; she served on its both Project Leadership Committee and Technical Steering Committee. She's a former engineer at Shopify and GitHub.